Re: network profiles

Some comments to Dan's reply to my original message.

I think NM is not working properly with ipw2200 because ip2200 does not yet support scan quality; i.e. I have to keep entering ESSID and WEP key using 'Other Wireless Networks'

I like the concept "it just works." I also like the idea of an advanced user or administrator being able to input data when it makes sense, for example, the list of MAC addresses for my campus wireless network.

IBM's Access Connections tool works equally well with broadcast and hidden ESSID's and only requires the input of ESSID and WEP key. I go back and forth from home (broadcast) to office (hidden) without problem. In fact, for a long time I operated my home with the same ESSID as campus. It was only after I started using NM, that I created a separate ESSID for home. My guess is that IBM's Access Connections utility scans for MAC's and compares to its database. If it finds a MAC in the database for an AP inrange, it looks up the corresponding ESSID and WEP key. Using ESSID as the primary key for the networks database does not make sense to me. I have gconf set up with a network called Clemson. The addresses key contains the list of campus MAC's. The ESSID is cuairnet and there is a 128 bit hex WEP key. When an ipw2200 scan tells NM that there is an AP in range with MAC XXX, I would expect NM to look in gconf for that MAC. If it finds it, then NM can read the corresponding ESSID and the key

Bill Moss
Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Clemson University

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