I tried the 0.3.2-4.3.cvs20041208 on my IBM T42 with FC3 fully updated, ipw2200-0.16 wireless driver, and SMC Barricade AP/switch/DNS server/DHCP server. The syslog messages output by NetworkManager were the same as for the 0.3.2-3.cvs20041117 version except that DHCP failed.

NetworkManager: AUTO: Best wired device = (null), best wireless device = eth1 (mosswap)
NetworkManager: HAVELINK: act=1
NetworkManager: HAVELINK: act=1
NetworkManager: dhcp_interface_init: MAC address = 00:0e:35:14:60:d0
NetworkManager: Broadcasting DHCP_DISCOVER
NetworkManager: DHCP: Starting request loop
NetworkManager: DHCP: Sending request packet...
NetworkManager: DHCP: Sent request packet.
NetworkManager: DHCP: Waiting for reply...
NetworkManager: DHCP waiting for data, overall timeout = {1102605975s, 117223us}
NetworkManager: DHCP waiting for data, remaining timeout = {5s, 160415us}
NetworkManager: DHCP waiting for data, remaining timeout = {4s, 161255us}

The SMC Barricade never replied. I went back to the 0.3.2-3.cvs20041117 version and DHCP works fine.

Bill Moss
Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Clemson University

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