hidden ssid's

I have the Nov 17 CVS development distribution working with a fully update installation of FC3 on a IBM T42 with version 0.16 of the ipw2200 driver. So far it is working nicely on my home network which broadcasts its SSID, except that the signal strength bar in the Info popup is empty. I think this is an issue for the ipw2200 driver and I have submitted a bug report.

Next, week I will be back at Clemson University, which is covered by a set of Cisco AP's all using the same hidden essid and the same WEP key. Now that I see how information is being stored in gconf, I am wondering if I can make a network entry that will include the list of MAC addresses that I usually see on campus along with the key. It is not clear to me that hidden essid's will work, hence this message. Also, can you tell from a gconf entry whether a network is trusted or preferred?

Bill Moss
Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Clemson University

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