[Re: Trash Problems]

Nickolay V. Shmyrev wrote:

1) When you "move to trash" a file or a folder inside your home
directory with Nautilus, the file or the folder is moved to ~/.Thrash
hidden directory (by GnomeVfs)

2) When you "move to trash" a file or a foldler on a removable device
(suck as USB stick) with Nautilus, the file or the folder is moved the
a .Trash hidden directory in the toplevel directory of removable volume
(i.e. on /media/usbdisk/.Trash/) (by GnomeVfs)

3) When you open or look the trash:// location with Nautilus, you will
see files in ~/.Trash directory and in all .Trash directories on mounted
removable devices (by GnomeVfs)

4) When you unmount removable devices, the trash:// contents is
collected only by ~/.Trash content (by GnomeVfs)

4) The only interaction of trashapplet with trash in on its tooltip and
honestry it seems to me [1] that it's using only ~/.Trash

PPS this is developers list ;-)

Yeah, and this is the development problem.

Mostly this behavior exists due to the bug in gnome-vfs - it's
impossible to xfer files between filysystems. So it's impossible to move
files to trash in home directory. See


Since people that are responsible for that bug are here, let me ask once

Please review the patch attached to the bug while we are in the early
stage of release cycle, otherwise it will be postponed to the next year
once again. Of course, it will be pain to remove all existing
workarounds also, but at least new programs will be more consistent.

I deleted my ~/.Trash folder, logged out of Gnome, then back in. It was recreated.

I deleted a file with Nautilus. It went to ~/.Trash. Trash applet didn't know it was there.

Previously, my USB jump drive had a hidden folder named .Trash-david. david is of course my username.

I deleted it in an attempt to get things straightened out. It didn't work.

Before I deleted it, anytime I plugged in my USB drive, if there was trash in the .Trash-david folder, my panel's trash applet would suddenly show full.

Just now I inserted my USB drive and copied a file to it. I then deleted that file. My trash applet still shows empty, though trash:// in Nautilus takes me to my USB drive's .Trash-david folder. If I click my panel's trash applet, Nautilus opens the USB drive's .Trash-david folder.

I'd like to know what I did to screw this up so I could fix it. At one time it all worked as advertised.


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