How nautilus manage drive icons


Here are some examples of buggy drive/volume management in nautilus:

 - Open nautilus to computer:/// and DnD the cdrom icon to gnome-panel.
An icon appear (great !) but when clicking on it an error appear, it
can't open nautilus to browse the cdrom. If we unmount the cdrom the
icon on gnome-panel isn't refreshed. In fact it creates a launcher on
the panel with no command to run when activated.

 - Do the same thing with the cdrom's icon on the desktop, the panel
seems to accept the drop (mouse pointer as the "+" icon) but when I drop
it nothing happens, no icon. Maybe better than a broken icon, but the
problem is that for the user it should be the same if the icon come from
computer:/// or from the desktop.

 - Drag a volume icon from computer:/// and drop it your home folder. An
icon is added with the (readonly symbol). clicking on it opens the
volume (great !!!), right click on it shows volumes options like unmount
(great !!) but when I unmount the volume from computer:/// the icon on
my home isn't updated, even if I refresh the folder in nautilus.

 - Do the same thing from the desktop and drop it to your home, nothin
happens, but the mouse's pointer seems to say that you can move the icon
to your home.

 - I can right-click->copy a volume in computer:/// but not in desktop.

To solve those bugs we should have a common way to manage volumes/drives
icons in nautilus and in GNOME. I really don't know how to fix that but
it have to be discussed, I think.

What do you think about that ?

Xavier Claessens.

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