Re: nautilus improvements

> > > Archives are archives precisely so that they aren't in the way of normal
> > > operations and thus what is in them should NOT be found except when you
> > > _specifically_ demand it. Many people get that wrong and use archives
> > > just to save space when they should *use a decent filesystem that does
> > > that automatically instead*.
> >
> > I meant on demand. That's why I wrote checkbox.
> well, given one opens those archives once every full moon or less, I'd
> put it into the category "too seldomly used, use extra app" - and
> indeed, it is one.
> Now, file-roller could be made to look and be useable exactly like
> nautilus, if that's what's bothering you...

Sad to hear. I thought to treat archives like regular folders was one
of the best
suggestions. I use midnight commander a lot and love this feature.

I don't understand this argument here. The situation is the same as
with a ftp-client, why would one integrate a ftp client(similar to) 
into nautilus if you can handle it in a external program like for
example gftp. Because it makes the whole interface simpler. You don't
have to learn two programs.

The same situation with a cd burning program. I love the integration
of the cd burning abilities of nautilus. I can imaging a similar
behaviour for archives, like an entry in the context menu of a
file/dir to create a new archive of it, similar to burn this iso

Please don't drop this idea.

Stephan Michels.

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