inconsistent drag data: x-nautilus-desktop:, network:, etc

Nautilus seems to provide very different drag data depending on which
representation of the same thing is being dragged.  Suppose I connect to
an SMB volume called "something".  If I drag the volume off my desktop,
I get this:


If I drag the icon out of the Nautilus "Network" place, I get this:


If I drag the volume out of the Nautilus cookie-crumb thingy (above
"Places" and below the back arrow, on the left of the toolbar), I get

smb://domain;username servername/something

As a programmer, only the third form is of any use.  But the user is
much more likely to drag the icon in the first case.  What am I supposed
to do with an x-nautilus-desktop?  The name implies this is internal
data, private to Nautilus.  I could scan the VFS volume monitor for
objects with the display name "something", but I think there might be a
more direct way for me to get the GnomeVFSVolume I want, and I am
overlooking it.

Jeffrey Baker

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