Re: Help for the file properties dialog

On Sat, 2006-03-18 at 12:53 +0000, Joachim Noreiko wrote:
> Hi.
> Could I get the Nautilus team's opinion on
> documentation for the file properties dialog?
> I've filed a bug on this [1], as the current docs are
> out of date and inadequate.
> I plan on updating the docs for 2.14.1, but in the
> longer term I see two ways of doing this:
> 1. make the Help button go to different sections for
> each tab
> 2. make the Help button go to a general "properties
> dialog" section with links to sections about each tab.
> Your comments would be appreciated.
> [1]

I think 2 is best, because things get complicated with extension that
add their own tabs.

> PS. There are a few open requests for help buttons to
> be added to other dialogs. The documentation is
> already written for these, all that's needed is the
> button to go to it. I would really appreciate it if
> those could get into 2.14.1. Tracker bug:

These look good! Christian or Martin? Could you possibly look at this.
I'm really busy with the printing stuff at the moment.

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