sftp freezes Nautilus

For a few months, I've had a strange problem with 
Nautilus when used for SFTP-access to any remote
from any of my Debian-running computers. (NOTE: I run 
it as "nautilus --no-desktop --browser" on a typical 
Debian unstable distro, kernel 2.6.15-1-686).

Basically, I can successfully SFTP to a any bookmarked

address like this:

sftp://gnaural banjo bob net

And then once that has succeeded, I can get to my home

directory by calling another bookmark like this:

sftp://gnaural banjo bob net/home01/g1/gnaural

However going to the latter bookmark directly (that
without calling the former bookmark first) will always

freeze Nautilus (requring me to "Force Quit" it).

That alone would merely be a nuisance -- and I've 
gotten used to it. But beyond that, I've noticed that 
even when connected successfully, it seems like every 
action (selecting a file, changing directories, and 
other similar things) is MUCH slower than it was a 
few months ago. (I notice the difference when I SFTP
the same servers from an older, non-updated Ubuntu 
distro that doesn't exhibit this behavior.)

I have a feeling that the gnome-keyring may be one 
possible culprit: in general, it started asking for 
more permissions around the same time as the Nautilus 
glitch -- always asking two times to allow it access
the keyring even to merely archive a folder in my
computer's directory.

So, anybody have any insights to help me get to the 
bottom of this -- or even where to post my
(like, does this sound like a Debian, Nautilus, or 
Gnome Keyring bug?). Incidentally, I did submit a bug 
to Gnome Bugzilla a few weeks ago:



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