Re: new file shortcut

On Mon, 2006-03-13 at 07:08 +0000, Paul Hendrick wrote:
> Here's a little idea that just popped into my head.
> I sometimes use nautilus to take notes/sections of a webpage and create
> a text/doc file and paste the contents in and save.
> It'd be cool if I could do something like shift+ctrl+v in a filemanager
> window and have it create a new document with the text already in it and
> let me rename it, all in one movement.
> at the moment I have to copy text, right click my fm window, go to new
> doc item, select new item, name it, open it, paste in content, save it.

Its actually possible to drag text from e.g. gedit and drop it in a
nautilis window. This creates a file with the text in it. Not exactly
what you request, but perhaps good for you anyway.

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