Re: [PATCH] speed up stock icon registration (was: Improving Nautilus startup time)

On 3/9/06, Christian Neumair <chris gnome-de org> wrote:
> The attached patch ensures that we don't hardcode any pixels/icon sizes
> and don't lookup any stock icons during icon registration, but just add
> all the stock icon names we need to the factory. Measuring with a GTimer
> I could reduce the icon registration to rougly 1/4 of the former time,
> mostly because the gtk_icon_theme_lookup_icon calls are quite expensive.
> I don't know whether it buys us much to delay the icon size lookups
> until they're actually needed, but the Nautilus startup feels
> significantly faster with the patch applied.

It would be good to understand what this particular nautilus code is trying
to achieve in the first place. Why does it need to manually register
icon sources ?


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