Re: Nautilus-actions, Nautilus-scripts and Nautilus Extensions

On Mon, 2006-02-13 at 11:13 +1300, John Stowers wrote:
> Hey,
> While I really love the ability to extend nautilus using extensions
> and scripts, I think some unification/consistancy love is needed in
> this area. For example (not bashing nautilus actions[1], which I love)
> I have been thinking about ways to unite installation and
> configuration of nautilus extensions, nautilus scripts and the
> nautilus-actions extension (phew what a mouthful).
> I am prepared to implement these suggestions I would like peoples
> feedback on what is the better approach. I have two current ideas.
> Option 1) 
> Add an additional tab in the Nautilus preferencs. This tab contains a
> listbox listing the installed nautilus extensions AND scripts (but
> making no visual distinction between the two). Each extension/script
> can be enabled via a checkbox. There is also Add, Remove, and
> Configure buttons. 
> The configure button is enabled for all extensions that implement the
> (new) NautilusConfigureExtension interface and provides a way to
> prevent nautilus extensions needing their own seperate configuration
> tool like nautilus-actions currenlty does.
> The Add and Remove buttons allow better discoverability of the
> extensions(and scripts) functionality to users and provide a simple
> way to install and remove scripts and extensions.
> Option 2)
> Create a NautilusPreferencePage interface to allow individual nautilus
> extensions to host their configuration pages in the nautlus
> preferences dialog.
> What are peoples thoughts on this? I will create some visual mockups
> based upon feeback if you like.
I prefer option 1 also. To add to this (even though quite late :), I was
thinking myself on integrating something like Apple's automator
( That is, users
usually will just add a command to run as the script, but other users
could take a lot of advantage of something like automator to create
simple scripts with no programming.

More thought on this:

Of course, this would step 2, after we have integrated the
extensions/scripts into Nautilus
Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org>

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