Re: Nautilus integration with SELinux

Putting something like selinux, that even many developers think is
overcomplicated black magic, in the main easy-to-use permissions UI
seems like a very poor choice.
I hear this assertion made repeatedly in places like fedora-devel, without any specific suggestions to back it up.

There are many people working to make this technology better - it would be nice if we could be told why this is "overcomplicated black magic," so we can correct the problem. We certainly aim to make SELinux easier to work, and integration with nautilus is a step in that direction.
Also, I think "black voodoo magic" is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If developers treat SELinux that way, then how are the users supposed to understand it? It's up to us to expose SELinux to the user in a way that is easy to understand and work with. I'll keep that in mind when submitting patches to this list. It would be nice if SELinux could gain more acceptance into mainstream. Hiding it under an "Advanced" tab will not help accomplish that - it's just another way of saying that we couldn't figure out a way to organize and present the information.

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