Re: Icon label selections don't fit text (patch included)

On Tue, 2006-04-25 at 03:39 -0500, Brandon Wright wrote:
> This problem was introduced in nautilus-2.14.0 immediately before
> GNOME 2.14's release. It occurs when one or more icons are selected.
> On smaller text labels, an excess amount of white space to the left
> and right of the text is also included in the  selection box.
> Here is a link from an osdir screenshot series that shows the problem
> is widespread: 
> Note how the label selection does not fit well to the text "user's
> Home"
> I've included a patch against nautilus-2.14.1 for the small change
> needed to fix this. I don't think it will break the right-to-left
> label corruption fix that the issue was introduced with. If it does,
> then a special case is probably needed for RTL instead of the original
> fix.

I think it does. I commited a slightly different patch that should work
in both ltr and rtl.

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