Thumbnailers - Frame on image - FollowUp

Was talking to seb128 on #nautilus and realised I hadn't been clear about why we would like this, so here it is.

Klik ( is a method of hosting an entire application in one file using the cramFS file system.
Note: There are some DNS problems try

We are looking at integrating Klik into gnome, the application icon is displayed using a thumbnailer,
The problem is nautilus draws a frame around the icon and there doesn't seem to be a way to prevent this behaviour

Some experiments with an icon

The frame makes the icon look like a doument not an application.

In KDE ThumbCreator there is already DrawFrame flag which prevents the frame from being drawn.

Would a patch to prevent the frame be acceptable.

Probono is the Klik lead you can reach him at #klik on



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