Re: nautilus or vfs problem

On 09/15/2005 12:02:14 AM, dinoop thomas wrote:
Hi Daniel,

Locations like 'applications:///, preferences:/// ' etc are vfolder locations. The gnome-vfs code supporting vfolders have been removed from 2.10 and hence you can't open them in nautilus now. If you try to open them in nautilus , you will get an error message saying
'applications:/// is not a valid location.'


Ah-ha! Last month I reported a similar problem I was having when I upgraded to Fedora Core 4

So now I know what the reason is, is there any way to get my desktop icons back?


Daniel Drotos wrote:


I'm using debian testing. I've upgraded to gnome 2.10 and nautilus is now 2.10.1. Now I'm unable to open any special locations with nautilus like applications:/// preferences:/// start-here:/// only network:/// is working.

What shuld I do to make those work again?


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