Fixing the trash in removable volumes


I've been fixing bug #171073.  First, DavidZ kindly fixed the bug where
gnome-vfs would not always export all the HAL volumes to client apps.

Now, I'm fixing the part of the bug where Nautilus would not update the
trash window after unplugging a removable volume with a trash directory
in it.

I have a patch-in-progress in

With that patch, nautilus-trash-directory will connect to
"volume_unmounted" in GnomeVFSVolumeMonitor.  It used to connect just to
"volume_pre_unmount", but this does not handle unmounts that are not
initiated from within Nautilus.  The patch also makes
nautilus-merged-directory (the basis of nautilus-trash-directory) emit
"remove" notifications for the files of the directory that is being
removed from the merged dir.

With the patch, however, I hit an assertion failure if I re-insert my
USB drive after unplugging it.  Somehow an icon in the icon cache in
nautilus-icon-factory gets a refcount of 0.  I really don't know how the
icon cache works, so I'm asking for advice here :)  Does anyone know how
my patch could trigger this assertion?

BTW, I think we are -><- this close to making trash Just Work(tm) on
removable volumes.  This makes me really happy.


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