Re: Better looking thumbnails

Alexander Larsson wrote:

On Thu, 2005-04-14 at 09:49 +0200, Andreas Nilsson wrote:
This was just an idea I had the other day. I would submit a request against bugzilla, but I don't know what module to file that against...thumbs for movies get generated by Totem, but what about images. Is it handled by Nautilus or gThumb, EOG?

Since I'm generating noise anyway, I might aswell sell my idea on the mailing list. Just some eyecandy to make thumbnails for images feel a bit lighter and more pleasant for the eye to rest on.
Just a border like good looking photos have and 1px extra shadow.

This is what thumbnails currently look like (in 2.8)
This is my mockup:

I will provide nessesary graphics if it is needed.

That looks pretty nice. It uses more space though, but that is probably
ok. It looks especially cool on photos (as its made to look like a paper
photo), I wonder if it looks as good on other types of images?
Bringing this old one up again.
I belive that in Beagle jpg-files has the photo-alike border, png-files don't. 99% of all jpgs are photos, and 99% of all png's is graphics. Perhaps that could be a solution.
- Andreas

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