Re: [PATCH] Use GtkIconChooser for properties window

Il giorno mar, 04/10/2005 alle 10.38 +0200, Christian Neumair ha
> The attached patch is on bugzilla [1] for some weeks now, and
> unfortunetely didn't get any feedback - so I'm posting it here. It makes
> Nautilus use an icon chooser for image selection in the file properties
> window and consolidates the "custom image" buttons into the image
> button. I've found no appealing way of using a GtkImage as preview
> widget, it always looks kind of squeezed on the right edge. This makes
> the icon selection consistent with the "gnome-about-me" preferences
> dialog.

There is an interesting icon chooser widget in libegg
(libegg/libegg/iconchooser); it has a really good UI to choose icons for
launchers and files, 'cause it allows you to pickup an icon from
filesystem as well as from theme (the named icon, not the file from
current theme).

Unfortunately it depends on a lot of stuff in libegg (pixbufthumbnail,
thumbnailpreview and egg_utils) and loads all icon from theme on start
up (a lot of time to start selection).

But take a look.

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