Re: [PATCH] Make middle-click in navigation mode open a new window

On 10/17/05, Nelson Benítez <gnel cenobioracing com> wrote:
> Christian Neumair wrote:
> > Filed as part of [1], proposed patch attached. Another solution would
> > have been to make the alternate activation callbacks pass
> > NAUTILUS_WINDOW_OPEN_IN_NAVIGATION as mode, but it would IMHO have been
> > slighly confusing.
> >
> > [1]
> So it seems we discard having middle-click for non-continguous
> selection[1] as I said in this mail[2].
> [1] i.e. imitate the CTRL + left mouse click behaviour.
> [2]

That would be too bad. Non-continguous selection would be so much more
useful, especially since "Open" and "Open in new window" are easily
accessible in context menu, and I don't expect them to be needed more
than tops a few times in a row. Selections, however,..

The suggestion post in Ubuntuforums is a quite random one, IMO: the
main point seems to be filling the middle click with something,
anything. A comparison to web browsers aren't very helpful either, as
they don't behave the same on middle or ctrl-click either.

Many other things in that post are very insightful though, only this
one seems not so thought through.

Kristoffer Lundén
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