Re: random background patterns in spatial view

Sean Middleditch wrote:

Additionally, this technique could even be useful in browser mode, since
it doesn't rely on the normal spatial semantics, but simply enhances
them.  It can also be combined with the "watermarking" of network shares
and such that has been proposed, as the watermark image would sit over
the pattern.

How does the idea sound to everyone else?
Slightly offtopic, I start out by taking the opportunity to mention that I'm currently working hard in my spare time to make all emblems scalable, allowing them to be used as watermarking images. Only the mail emblem has been accepted in cvs so far, but more are coming.

Other than the fact that some of the current background patterns is a bit to wierd to be something that i can imagine appear on a corporate desktop (camoflage and floral comes to mind) and the fact that some of the colors you can choose from are a bit sharp, I think it sounds like a great idea. Things that makes it easier for a user to sort their folders apart is good.

From the top of my head, wouldn't it be nice if the pattern/color of a folder could work together with the assigned emblem, like red for urgent, pink for favorite etc?

Just my thoughts.
- Andreas Nilsson

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