Re: patch for bug #169669

On Tue, 2005-03-08 at 18:44 -0500, Vincent Noel wrote:
> Hey guys,
> Right now the location button in nautilus (the button in the lower-left corner)
> uses an icon of size GTK_ICON_SIZE_BUTTON.
> Even if this feels right conceptually, this leads to blurry icons which are too
> big for an actual button. The right size to get a crisp icon is
> See bug #165770, where this issue was discussed and resolved for the
> gtk+ file selector,
> especially comment #6 by Jakub Steiner : "I'd like to see only 16x16 and 24x24
> bitmaps used for small icons everywhere. Anything else will simply be blurry."
> This has the nice side-effect of bringing back the status bar to a
> normal size, see the screenshot :

Looks good to me. Please commit.

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