Re: "Open with other application" affects the default handlers

Ok I think there are 4 different issues:

1 In the local desktop files nautilus create, Exec miss %f. This has
no user visible effects with gnome_vfs_launch_application because we
are backward compatible with old desktop files missing macros
(basically %f is appended when there are no macros specified)

2 gnome_desktop_item_launch does not append %f, so it's not compatible
with nautilus created file. Epiphany is using it because it does
startup notification.

3 "Open with another application...", in the case the other
application already exists in the list with different parameters, is
creating a desktop file which overrides the system desktop file.

I agree with Christian that this is confusing. I think it would be
better to create an additional entry. Adding a -usercreated suffix to
the desktop file looks like a good solution to me because the
identifier of the desktop file is his own filename (Alex do you expect
any problems with it ?).

4 This does not solve the issue completely though: without a
defaults.list the newly created desktop file may end up to be default.
In practice if the user click "Open with another application..." this
may inconsistently cause the default to be changed to this
I cant think of a very good solution for this... Maybe nautilus should
explicitly set the default to the system entry in that case...

So proposed solutions:

1-2 Make epiphany use gnome_vfs_application_launch +
libstartupnotification like nautilus does for 2.10. For 2.12 append %f
to nautilus created desktop files and find a place in the libraries
stack to put a gnome_vfs_application_launch with startup notification

3 Christian uploaded a patch
I dont know if it's important enough to break the freeze.

4 Punt to 2.12


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