Disabling opening of files in trash?

I sent this same piece of mail last week, but I had no response about
it. I suppose it was eaten by the spam monster :) Anyway here it is

I've noticed that OS X seems to disable the opening of documents from
the trash. I suppose the rationale is that the user might open it to
check soemthing, start working on it and save, only to forget that the
document was in the trash and losing all his changes when it's emptied.
It doesnt seem a bad idea to me. Basically other actions (create
archive, open with, rename, scripts) don't make much sense either.
The way I see it, once a doc is in the trash you either restore it or
delete it... but the natural place for working on a file is out of the
trash, where your data are safer.
This way, fo ritems in trash  only folders would have the open action in
contextual menu...
for every other file it could reduce to Cut/Copy - Delete from trash -
Properties (read only?)

Hmm, thinking about properties, to avoid the ancient trouble of having
in the trash items you can't delete, wouldnt it make more sense if all
items owned by the current user were chmod +w (recursively) when moved
to trash? 

And since we're talking about this, what sense does it make allowing a
user to move an item to trash if she/he doesnt have write permission and
thus can't delete it?

Elia Cogodi <eliacogodi tin it>

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