Re: [PATCH] - New sidepanel plug-in for Gtk bookmarks and places

Alexander Larsson wrote:

vpane makes more sense IMO - user gets to control it but the tree view already suffers from lack of space anyway so this will just make it worse. Still it offers a way to split out the tree view from the places if the lower pane always shows the hierarchical tree for the current location (without any places) and the upper pane just the non-expandable places and volumes.

Yeah, this is probably the best approach for this. Can you experiment
with that a bit?

If it doesn't work out well I guess the places sidebar makes more sense.

One thing that does work very well with a places sidebar is the new hierarchical list view (which absolutely rocks - we need this in GTKFileChooser too!). I find tree folder navigation much more usable in that view as it is no longer space constrained.

I dont mind experimenting if you feel its worth it but it would almost certainly pale in comparison to the above in terms of usability. Any chance of accepting the places sidebar without experimenting?


Mr Jamie McCracken

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