Re: [PATCH] - Fix for 155928 -Adds GTK2 Bookmarks to Nautilus

Dave Camp wrote:
It should probably just be removed outright for now.


gtk 2.7.0 supports this [1]. Maybe you should add a conditional check because it's not clear if gnome 2.12 will depend on gtk 2.8.



Jamie McCracken wrote:

Dave Camp wrote:

Looks good in general, a couple of nit-picks below.  One problem is that
it seems to lose Titles given by the user.  I'm not sure this is a big
deal, but it'll mean we need to clean up the bookmark-editing UI.  We
can add it back if the gtk bookmarks end up supporting it.

shall I make the user definable bookmark name insensitive in the bookmark editing UI then?

The other nitpicks are no problem for me to sort out :)


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