Re: Nautilus epiphany integration & file transfers

Raphaël Slinckx wrote:
I think a nice system would be if all slow file transfer operations in
the system (say longer than 3 seconds) showed up in a shared dialog that
pops up when each new download starts. You can see each current file
transfer, either in a collapsed state where you see estimated time left
only, or in a more detailed state where you see things like download
rate, current amount downloaded etc. If you hide/close the progress
window it shows up as an icon in the panel (similar to e.g. the
NetworkManager applet or the battery applet). You can tell from the icon
if its downloading or if its finished, and if you click on it you get
the progress window back.

Actually, I'm not even sure such a progress dialog setup need to be
implemented in nautilus. Maybe nautilus is just a user of the progress
subsystem, just as epiphany is.

In the comments of my blog post, someone talked about his project (or
maybe it was someone else's project)

It appear quite un-active, but it if more for the idea that i come up
with this.

 I also described something similar or identical in the following email:

my intention of what I said there is to emphatize the multitasking approach of a desktop and OS, when a program has a task that take a medium-long time to process (download email with evolution,compress files with file-roller,searching in gnome-search,download files with ephy) instead of putting a progress dialog that you have to waste your time looking at it or manually minimize it to be able to do other things in your desktop, you are notified of those operations through notification-area and so, save extra clicks and losing focus of the app you are using at the moment...

I think what I tell in mail[1] could be done with notification + async library(see below)+ dbus, so it could be a thing so if for example a gnomer uses k3b to burn a dvd, he will get notifications of that operation, and viceversa kde guys using gnome apps. And for integration in gnome, maybe freedesktop spec defines text-only notifications (notifications indeed are text-only) and each desktop could extend that with his graphical ui that read from the common async lib that centralize operations.

Would it be generally accepted to have that sort of thing included with
gnome desktop ?

Let's say a library you can link against, containing simple hooks to
add/remove/modify long-running tasks, with maybe a way to add
retro-action, for example cancelling things .

I ve read on planet a library that seems to fit this requirements (AsyncWorker):

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