Re: Long running nautilus extensions

On Fri, 2005-06-17 at 09:15 +0200, Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen wrote:
> Yes. As Nickolay also points out you have to dig into the threading
> documentation on
> You would probably want to pass control back to Nautilus as soon as
> possible and then finish your threads of with a callback, instead of
> waiting for them.
> Note that when using threads it is also important to do the following
> instead of just entering gtk.main () as normally:
> gtk.threads_init()
> gtk.threads_enter ()
> gtk.main ()
> gtk.threads_leave ()
> - and then each time your threads use gtk put gtk.threads_enter () and
> gtk.threads_leave () around that block of code. Well you'll find more
> about that on

Unfortuntely nautilus isn't really threadsafe in its use of Gtk+, so you
can't in general do any UI calls on any thread but the main thread.

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