Re: More protection agains bugs in backend API

On Mon, 2005-06-13 at 12:12 +0200, Le Lain, Olivier wrote:
> Hello,
> My mail is related to this bug :
> I find it a bit pity that a "simple malloc bug" make nautilus completly 
> freeze/crash.
> Won't it be possible to protect it against that (timeout, error code return)
> I'm aware that the best would be to have bugs nowhere :-) but in this 
> particuliar case, it would have been painless to show Mime-type = unknow 
> instead of having nautilus unusable.
> Anyway, I am not a developper so I don't realize the sum of work (or 
> even the feasability) it would demand.
> I just wanted to submit the idea.

Welcome to development in C. There is no way to make this any better,
short of moving to a "managed" runtime.

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