Re: Nautilus epiphany integration & file transfers

From: John Spray

I never received that mail, so i paste it here :

> On Mo, 2005-06-13 at 12:31 +0200, RaphaÃl Slinckx wrote:
> > * Concerning file progresses dialogs, is it envisionnable to replace
> > them by somthing like in the screenshots ? for all transfers
> > (moving/copying from/to any kind of source/destination). This has
> > advantages:
> I was thinking about this very thing myself, yesterday.  The main thing
> that I couldn't figure out was how to handle multiple simultaneous
> transfers into the same folder.  One overall progress indicator for all
> transfers in the status bar?  It's neat, but it's not as clear as the
> dialogs.  Transferring multiple files in parallel is visual through the
> use of progress emblems, but this doesn't handle the case of
> transferring multiple lists of files in parallel.

The progress bar shows the total progress of all operations in this folder.
You really don't need more info i think. if you need to use a particular file
then you can see directly if it is ready or not with the emblem.

> > So far here are the problems i see with this approach:
> > -How to cancel a whole job ? maybe a cancel button in the statusbar,
> > beside the progress bar ?
> Here's the question of the multiple file transfers again.  However, this
> mostly comes up in the case of file-management tasks rather than
> download-type things.  I think for the moment it would be good to
> concentrate on the downloading case and handle the questions of file
> management later.

Now for downloads as i already said, just stick a context menu item on the file, and
delete=cancel and it's done.

Maybe clicking on the progress status would bring up a more detailed view with ability to cancel things
in a more detailed way.

> I looked at your video: very cool stuff!  I thought it would be more
> clear that the globes indicated a transfer if they were spinning.  This
> would be quite distracting, I suppose, but personally I think it's worth
> it.

Well any eye candy can be done, just that i don't kno how, i need guidance in nautilus code.
But i don't think a fully animated thing is good. If the icon is clear
enough that it represent a download progress it should be ok.

> [..]
> > saying "55% complete", like it is possible now to show the filesize
> > under the file name.
> I don't think the extra text would fit in a non-zoomed-in view.

No but it would when possible, it's not lost anyway..

> Perhaps it should be recursive from the directory being transferred
> downwards: otherwise any file transfer would result in the / directory
> appearing to be transferring.  But I don't know how easy this recursive
> behaviour would be do to.

I think the most obvious is just to mark the items being transfered by the emblem.
Not the folders, just the files, since an already transfered file can be used, there
is no point marking it by a progress indicator.

Beside that the emblem could appear after a certain amount of time, like the current 
progress popup does . If the transfer is fast, no emblem, if it takes more than x 
seconds, begin to show the emblem.


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