Re: Propery page for xattrs

Le dimanche 05 juin 2005 à 10:46 +0200, Gabriel de Perthuis a écrit :
> Hello,
> Boris de Laage de Meux has written a nautilus extension for viewing
> xattrs, that I have updated for editing. It is dead simple and does
> xattrs editing, adding and removing.

That's great, and saved me some work. Oh, and u can skip "de Meux" ;)

> I'd like to commit it to nautilus since it is too small to be
> distributed as a new package.

I think it's fine if it's only an extension. I agree with Alexander
about presenting raw attributes.
As you've read on this extension was more a
"more-useful-than-hello-world-but-still-an-hello-world-extension" than a
very serious stuff.
I think extended attributes usage in Nautilus & the GNOME desktop should
be discussed. As almost all filesystems support them, it would be nice
to use them at least to replace the nautilus-metafiles (and fall back
the normal way if they're not supported).

> I think Boris also wants to make a tutorial of it.

It was my plan, but I've found this paper :

I think I'll just have to translate it, it would be much more accurate
than I could ever do. Still a big job given my 'wonderful' english...


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