Re: [PATCH] Visual notification when opening stuff in nautilus (was Re: What is the official way to get an icon coordinates from a NautilusFile ?)

Nelson Benítez wrote:
El vie, 03-06-2005 a las 13:09 -0400, Vincent Noel escribió:

It adds zooming boxes in nautilus when you activate one or several
icons in an icon view, either folders or files. In the case of
folders, the zooming boxes expand to the position of the newly opened
folder. It works in spatial or browser mode (but not yet in list

This kind of animation is really helpful because 1. it provides a
visual notification that nautilus has registered your click (no more
double-clicking on openoffice files and wondering if something is
actually happening) and 2. it provides a strong visual link between a
folder icon and its opened window. (3. it looks nice :-))

Comments ?

I ve tried it and the zooming boxes are so faster that I almost didnt
noticed them, in fact I had to concentrate to view them and cause I know
they were there from the patch,, I tried to launch a slower app like
epiphany and zooming boxes "flashes" in the first instant almost
invisible and all time that happens till the application appears runs
with any feedback to the user to tell it the application is
launching :(...

I think a simple animated cursor to show in the "waiting time" could do
all the job, although I know this maybe belongs to notification-startup.

I tried it also and also did not notice any difference.


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