Re: Proposal for better DnD moving/copying (especially in browser- and spacial mode)

> This has already been suggested by bug 161222 [1]. Also, I don't think
> that hover&open is the right solution here. Instead, the buttons
> (pathbar AND parent list) should directly represent the folder, i.e.
> handle drops themselves instead of opening the folder in question
just want to point out, this is what i think, too - but in spacial the
parent-list needs to be opened with a hover.

> [1]
"I should be able to hover the item over one of the parents
in the list and have that folder open. "
No need to open a new window where user has to drag, instead drag onto the
parent-list entry directly, i guess this is what you think too christian.

Is it possible to work around the patent?
(f*** software patents!)

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