Re: worst dialog ever

On 7/26/05, Luis Villa <luis villa gmail com> wrote:
> Grr. I've hated the 'these file types are mismatched' 'security'dialog
> for a long time, because it is totally uninformative, gives a lot of
> false positives, and makes it totally unclear how one is supposed to
> recover from the error. I've finally found a case where it actually
> *forces* me to use the terminal, though, which makes me hate it even
> more.
> Situation:
> * docbook extension is .xml
> * install attached 'docbook.xml' in /usr/share/mime/packages/, run
> 'update-mime-database /usr/share/mime/', kill gnome-vfs-daemon, and
> restart nautilus.
> * drop test.xml into, say, ~/Desktop/
> * right click on properties of test.xml, note that (pleasurably) your
> file is shown to be docbook, though you likely don't have any
> docbook-specific handlers.
> * double-click on the file.
> * get the error message from hell, even though the file (1) has the
> correct extension and (2) is properly sniffed by the properties
> dialog.
> So... can we please finally kill this dialog? :) At the very least, it
> has to be fixed to be able to accept that some extensions can be
> multiple types of file.
> Luis (and yes, I'll add these details to the bug, but it has been
> getting ignored a long time.)

is actually the oldest bug on the subject I can find, though I could
*swear* there is one a couple years older.


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