Summer of Code - Revision-Controlled Directories

Hi - 

I just realized that I never introduced myself to the nautilus
community, even though my summer of code project is focused heavily on
nautilus. I'm implementing version-controlled directories in nautilus,
with version-controlled meaning behind-the-scenes versioning. The user
doesn't have to think about check-ins or diffs or branches - only that a
history of their data exists. The idea is mainly intended for the user's
~/Documents folder, but it could be used anywhere. I have a full writeup
about the project available here:
At the moment, I'm working on implementing a subversion gnome-vfs layer,
so that viewing past revisions of each folder can be done in a uniform
way (i.e. nautilus will continue to function as normal, albeit
The interface isn't finalized, and I have a few ideas about some
changes, but nothing polished yet.

Who am I? I'm a second year Electrical Engineering / Computer Science
student at UC Berkeley. I've been playing around with open sources code
since about 2000, and I've submitted some small patches to a few
programs (f-spot and beagle, maybe others that I forget). This is my
first big project not just for personal use, so any feedback would be

The code lives in the nautilus-revisioning module in gnome cvs, although
it doesn't quite function at the moment. Read-only subversion support
might be up by sometime tomorrow, with some initial work on changes to
nautilus (in patch form in my module) by next weekend.

--Matt Jones

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