About GtkTree expand and collapse

hi,still newbie,more questions :-(

every time when I expand a directory on the tree,
it will read all the subdirectory into the treeitem,
so expand-collapse-expand-collapse.....
the same item will be read into the diretory,just like


if fact there are only dir1,dir2,dir3 in the root DIR.
I want to remove all the items before build the tree,
I used gtk_tree_remove_item,gtk_tree_item_remove_subtree
,but it still doesnt work,help ,thanks a lot

static void expand_cb(GtkWidget *item, gchar *signame)

  gchar *name;
  gchar *path;
  GtkLabel *label;
  GtkTreeItem *subtree = NULL;
  label = GTK_LABEL (GTK_BIN (item)->child);
  path = get_folder_path(item);
  char tmp[256];
  gtk_label_get (label, &name);
  subtree = GTK_TREE_ITEM_SUBTREE(item);
  //build sub-tree
  g_print ("path is %s\n",tmp);


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