Re: [PATCH] Add Pathbar to Nautilus Browser

Il giorno lun, 04/07/2005 alle 22.39 +0100, Jamie McCracken ha scritto:

> I have left the location bar as is (its handy for those that wanna 
> CTRL+L occasionally or those that want a persistent type in interface). 
> The new pathbar, unlike the other toolbars, is to the right of the 
> sidebar so as to make it much neater and more consistent with the file 
> chooser whilst keeping the window more compact. It can also be toggled 
> with Ctrl+P.

I'm not sure it's the proper way: we will have at the same time and
place 2 widgets to do the same. 

IMHO a best behavior is
      * keep the pathbar as is
      * remove the location tool bar
      * add an "Location" dialog  providing autocompletion; this will be
        opened using Go -> Location... menu entry and Ctrl+L shortcut
        (as well as GTK+ filechooser). Please note that the GTK+
        location dialog provides an interesting dropdown menu
      * move the zoom control in the 'main' toolbar, rewriting as a
        combobox (see evince or epiphany)
      * remove the View as XXXXX combobox
      * add an Edit -> Toolbar dialog :-)

Another solution could be:
      * remove the location bar, moving zoom control as explained above
      * add a toggle button to switch between location and path widget.
        Of course Ctrl+L shortcut and Go->Location... should do the same
See the attached glade for details.

Of course the "Location" dialog should be the same in spatial and
navigational UI.

> Other than that it is identical to the file chooser's.

No, icons in buttons seems to be 48x48 scaled down. :-( As well as in
the Places sidepane
BTW did you read my comment on Places side pane thread?

PS both this patch and the side pane one don't add relevant entries in

PPS please note that hiding the sidepane, the location and the path bar
are so close to be, well, odd...

Description: application/glade

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