Re: [PATCH] Add tree functionality to list view

On Tue, 14 Jun 2005 11:22:54 +0200, Juerg Billeter wrote:

> Hi
> I've created a draft implementation of a tree view[1], as I thought it's
> easier to decide whether it's useful if there is a working
> implementation to play with.
> I've added auto-expand for dnd which works with the sidebar tree view,
> too. This patch may solve some of the problems some users have with
> spatial nautilus.
> There are probably still some rough edges needing cleanup but it doesn't
> work too bad so far. Besides that, expansion state saving and loading
> have yet to be added for spatial windows.
> Any comments?

Yay! Just got this feature with the latest Ubuntu Breezy update and really
like it. Much cleaner than opening an extra window for each peak in a
subdir, and saved sizes/positions make more sense to me now.

Thanks for your work!

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