can't umount/eject cd with nautilus and kernel 2.4


I've installed gnome 2.8 (debian sarge) for a newbie. I have to use
kernel 2.4 because of missing kernel 2.6 drivers for the modem.
Running kernel 2.6 I can call the contextmenu on the cdrom drive in
nautilus and mount the volume. If it is mounted I can eject the cdrom
with preceding umount.
Running kernel 2.4 I only can mount the volume but not umount or eject
it. The menu doesn't change and still shows "mount volume". For that
newbie it is not possible to say "you have to run a terminal, umount the
device and then you can eject the cdrom".

So what's the problem? Does nautilus not recognize when a cdrom is
mounted with kernel 2.4 and doesn't it provide an easy way to umount and
eject the cdrom?


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