Windows Network smb:/// listing not always working


Tonight I fiddled around with samba for the first time and got it to somehow work.:-)

The only weird thing was that in the smb:/// location I couldn't get my workgroup to showup. Connecting to a windows PC worked but I just had to specify the IP address or the hostname. After some googling I discovered that I had to open up some ports of the firewall to get it to show the windows network and the hosts on that network. So I disabled the firewall. Then the network group showed up the workgroup. Then the hosts didn't showup if I clicked on the workgroup. After sometime clicking again on the workgroup again at least my PC showed up. A bit later also the other PC in the network.

After rebooting my Linux PC again and disabling the firewall I again don't get to see the windows group. I can still connect to the other PC by specifying it's name directly.

Is this maybe some weird bug in nautilus (I'm using 2.8.2) or do I make some stupid mistake.


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