Re: Nautilus drag-an-drop mockup.

On Thu, 13 Jan 2005 16:11:29 -0600, Michael Favia 
> |>What if you want to go above the original folder you stepped into. In
> |>your example above /home/user/?
> |
> | i guess the easiest answer would be that it's not possible.
> | Since the idea is only intended to provide access to sub-directories
> | within the original target folder, the need to move above this isn't
> | required. ie the user would have chosen a different folder to begin
> | with.
> | or i guess you could have a .. entry in the left most column for
> moving up.

> | yeah, i think this might be more confusing than having a completely
> | separate window/applet. new users will be confused as to where their
> | target directory dissappeared to, for example.
> I think i agree here.
> | something that appears WITH the window could be good?
> | <- like this.
> Much better integrated IMO. Hope you didnt draft that for this
> discussion alone. Dont need to trouble yourself.
the mockup above is on the idea page, so it's no trouble :)


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