Re: [PATCH] Fixed drag and drop between Nautilus and Mozilla

On Wed, 2005-01-12 at 20:54 +0100, Jorn Baayen wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for your comments. On the basis of them I have rewritten the
> patch - attached.
> It is a lot cleaner now, and it works exactly as you described in that
> mail. With one exception:
> The default mozilla drag action is GDK_ACTION_COPY, and the code opens
> the link-or-download dialog on that. We can't distinguish it from a
> ctrl-drag, where the dialog will also popup. 
> I removed the (crappy and broken) custom linking code, as I get the
> feeling it either belongs somewhere else in a more generic place within
> nautilus, or in gnome-vfs. In a WebDAV window right click->"make link"
> doesn't work either ..

Nice work. I commited this with some changes:
* Move up all code to FMDirectoryView so that the same code can be used
from the list view
* Fix up the list view to use this
* Made the default drag action from mozilla be ASK
* Fixed problem with desktop file naming when creating links to e.g.
http://foo/. (it got slashes in the filename).
* Don't use the desktop window as parent for the ask dialog, as it then
ends up on all desktops.
* Some changes to the wording on the ask dialog
* Fixed a bunch of bugs that testing this in various ways exposed

> Then there still is the remaining issue that the .desktop file
> generation code doesn't do an overwrite check. 

Yeah. We should probably make it try to generate a unique name.

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