RE: folder view

> I am the author of the Windows freeware program Folder View. It
> enhances Explorer in several ways.  It's based on the notion that most
> people use some folders/dirs very often and most other folders not. I
> think it might have some interesting ideas which you could add to
> Nautilus/Gnome. Take a look at for the ideas and
> screenshots.

I can imagine another button down in Nautilus window (status bar), maybe
next to "browse parents" window, either containing "favorite" folders or 
history of lastly opened locations.

Maybe even more usable could be some hotlist plus keyboard shortcuts
a la CTRL+\ in mc. Symlinks are fine, but nothing beats keyboard for speed.

Just my USD 0.02 to this "what-if" topic.

Vitezslav Kotrla

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