Re: Nautilus-CD-burner and multisession (non-)support

On Fri, 2004-12-31 at 18:01 +0200, Mikko Rauhala wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I'd like to bring some attention to Nautilus-CD-burner's lack of
> multisession support in the hopes that this would generate enough active
> demand for the feature for the developers to reconsider their WONTFIX
> resolution to bug #120384¹. Usually, I'd leave it at arguing for the
> feature in the bug report (which I have done several weeks ago), but
> this is, in my book, an essential basic feature for a CD burner, never
> mind that we're talking about the CD burner that many people take as
> representative of Nautilus', and Gnome's, effectiveness. Simplification
> is good, and nautilus-cd-burner owes much of its attractiveness to its
> simple interface, but there is such a thing as oversimplification.
> The only reason given in #120384 for not supporting multisession is that
> CDs are cheap, and wasting them is therefore apparently not a concern.
> This I also take issue with; first, I think that Gnome is not only being
> targeted for rich countries, and the relative price of a CD in the third
> world may not be that insignificant. Also, waste is waste, and I don't
> think Gnome should really encourage, let alone "dictate" it (for users
> of default Gnome software) without a good reason. More arguments can be
> found in the bug report¹.
> Also, adding multisession support would allow one to naturally resolve
> another bug, namely overwriting CD-RW discs without warning (see bug
> #160365 and the one it's marked as a duplicate of). One could simply add
> an "Overwrite" checkbox while defaulting to appending. The current
> approach appears to be to warn the user of impending doom, but this
> probably requires an extra dialog box to be remotely useful, and this
> again would be more intrusive than a simple (and, for multisession
> support, necessary) checkbox.
> In case some might take this personally, I suppose I should mention that
> although I obviously think that the Nautilus-CD-burner developers have
> made a mistake in this particular case, I mean no disrespect to them;
> after all, everybody makes them, and aside from this single issue,
> they've given us the best free data CD burner there is, in my opinion.
> This is also why I think it's a darn shame that I can't really endorse
> it for general use, and why it'd be nice if people who share my concerns
> would politely share them also with the developers in the hopes that the
> WONTFIX verdict would be reversed.

The maintainer of nautilus-cd-burner these days is hadess
(hadess hadess net i believe), and he's not on this list.

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