2.10 notes: nautilus questions

I still have a couple of TODO questions for the Nautilsu part of the
2.10 release notes - please see below. We have until March 2nd (the
translation deadline) to get this right.

The file manager, also known as Nautilus, is even faster and more stable in 
GNOME 2.10, thanks to changes to its internal architecture. This should 
allow software developers to extend the file manager more easily in future.

The file manager now also works more smoothly with other applications, such as
Mozilla and Firefox, (TODO: Is this just drag-and-drop? If so, let's just say that.) 
and has more navigation options. TODO: What options, exactly? 

In addition, there are many small changes that demonstrate GNOME's attention to detail. For instance,
- The path button is now more obviously a button.
- When creating new files, renaming starts automatically.
- When using keyboard navigation to open the parent folder (Alt-Up), the current folder will be selected.
Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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