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В Сбт, 19/02/2005 в 10:55 -0500, tommie ramirez andujar пишет:
> Hi,
> This entry, in kde used to work ok, but I do it in Nautilus, it 
> gives a "You do not have permissions to view ...." message,
> Help
> tommie
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There are known problems with SMB authentification in gnome-vfs. But you
can help with solving them with the following:

Go to the

Add yourself to CC list and provide us information - __version__ of your
gnome-vfs (it would be nice if you can test this problem with recent
CVS) and output of 

smbclient -L //machine_you_have_problem_with

Also if you will get  NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED in output of smbclient,
you can provide infomation on how you type password to get access there.

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