Re: Can't add emblems

В Чтв, 17/02/2005 в 09:33 +0300, Stroganov Andrey Valentinovich пишет:
> Greetings
> The problem is: only root has emblems in nautilus, and only root can add
> new emblems. Nobody else can add them. The emblems simply don't appear
> in the list.
> P.S. FreeBSD 4.11, Nautilus 2.8.2
> Thank you.

What do you mean by "has emblems". Does emblems appear in the sidebar
tab? What is shown in the emblems dialog. Or you are talking about new
custom emblems? Then do you get any error dialog?

Most probably, it's just a problem with permissions set on some
directory. Check that users has access
to /usr/share/icons/gnome/48x48/emblems and can create

If you still has problems you can build nautilus with debug support and
set breakpoint on nautilus_emblem_install_custom_emblem in libnautilus-

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