Re: clock capplet and nautilus date and time formats

Hi Artur
yes, this is another drawback in POSIX and many other locale systems.

FYI, there's a project called CLDR which you might have heard of which
provides both "stand-alone" and "format" alternatives.


you can view the pl and pl_Pl data at :


Artur Flinta ha scritto:
> Dnia 14-02-2005, pon o godzinie 13:27 +0100, Danilo Šegan napisał(a):
>>We might actually go another route: instead of relying on OS, develop
>>a library of supported time and date formats (or simply extend
>>g_strftime, or whatever it's called, to support special modifiers in
>>addition to %x, %X and %c).
> Well, I Agree, cause in polish language (like probably in other slavic
> languages) we got problems with months names. For example if month name
> is alone or only with year we use another form that is used in
> conjuction with day.
> So for February we should have:
> Luty 2005 and 14 Lutego 2005, but we have Luty 2005 and 14 Luty 2005,
> where last form is wrong.
> Artur

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