Re: [Usability] Interacting with open folders

cc: nautilus-list

On Sun, 13 Feb 2005, Christian Neumair wrote:

Don't you think it would be useful if File > Properties would open the
properties of the currently open folder when no files are selected?

I proposed it and came up with a patch last may, it was rejected [1].

Reading the thread, it looks like it wasn't so much rejected as that there wasn't consensus about it. Am I wrong?

Calumn stated in a follow-up that a background context menu item that
allows display of the open folder's properties would be convenient.

Not just convenient, it is a real bug that this is currently impossible. Hopefully we can get to a solution now.

quoting the rest of your mail for reference:

remember that I wanted to provide a patch for this as well, but a
prerequisite patch that unselects selected folders on clicking the
background was rejected as well. Don't remember details; anyhow,
nowadays Nautilus behaves how I suggested, so I could try to provide
another patch for the properties background thingie.


Reinout van Schouwen			student of Artifical Intelligence
email: reinout cs vu nl			mobile phone: +31-6-44360778

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