Re: [PATCH] window icons do not use appropriate icons

Dave Ahlswede wrote:
On Thu, 2005-02-10 at 22:43 +0100, Jaap Haitsma wrote:

A while ago a patch was applied such that the window icon becomes the trash icon when you open the trash folder and when you are in the computer folder it uses the computer icon etc. Furthermore icons for this were added in the places menu. However the window icons use the 48 pixel icons (so they are blurry) while the places icons use the 16 pixel icons

Attached patch let's the window icons use the 16 pixel version


I think most programs use the large icon size for their _NET_WM_ICON--
since there are programs that expect (or at least work better with) the
large icon size. (Metacity's Alt-Tab window list, for example)

Didn't think of that :-(. So patch can be ignored


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